17 weeks

Yesterday, my pregnancy advanced to 17 weeks. Baby has grown by about 1.5+ ounces and 1-.5 inches in length. Baby is putting on some fat, its hearing is improving, and its heart is regulated by its brain. I’ve been able to find the baby’s heartbeat with an at-home monitor and when I giggle, the baby moves around like crazy. Sounds all adorable and wonderful, right?

Ha. Since Friday, I have been beyond exhausted, a complete lack of energy, and pretty consistent migraines. Yesterday, I took two naps and still couldn’t get to bed soon enough. I slept through the night for 8 hours and woke up feeling miserable. So far today, I have already taken a nap and suffered through a migraine all morning. This feels like the first trimester all over again, except without the nausea and vomiting….thank goodness. But still, I wish I knew what was going on. A big fluctuation in hormones? A giant growth spurt? High blood pressure? I hope it doesn’t stick around for long, this mama has got shit to do!

In other news, my belly has pretty much tripled in size and I’m in love with it.


Update: I’ve been having this sharp pain, which indicates tendons and such pulling and separating. This means that baby and my belly are going to have another growth spurt soon! Along with this pain comes baby kicks, so it’s all worth it!


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