Monsanto trying to bury research and what that means for us

Monsanto’s Roundup chemical glyphosate is being found in commonly purchased and consumed foods such as Cheerios, Oreos, and Doritos. The FDA ran tests on products and found alarmingly high levels of this chemical in our food. How? Roundup is so commonly used that this chemical, glyphosate, is seeping into water supplies and soil. Even products that are USDA certified organic and NON-GMO foods are affected, including our honey! This chemical has been linked to diabetes, obesity, and some cancers. 

Check out the article for more information and linked sources. DO NOT let Monsanto bury this! Spread this like wildfire. Get involved in the food industry and demand higher standards. Start by sharing this article and information then boycott these products so the companies of them demand a change. We are the people. We can make what is important to us, important to those who can create real change!


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